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Content Delivery Network (CDN): What it is and how it works?

    Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    If you are a blogger then it is really important for you to know what is CDN and why it is important for your website or blog. In this article, we will tell you what does a CDN do and how does it work?

    CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and it works to increase the speed and security of your website.

    Our blog is very important for us and we do everything that is necessary for it. One such thing is content delivery network (CDN) which works to improve the performance of your website. There is no single advantage of content delivery network, but they are many. This is the reason that almost all successful bloggers use CDN.

    Ever since Google has made the loading speed of blogs a ranking factor, the use of CDN has increased. Because it increases the speed of your website, nowadays there are many popular content delivery networks which are free as well as paid.

    If a massive traffic comes to your site, then you can use Paid CDN, because it gives you better performance. But even a free CDN is enough for normal bloggers, so let’s first know what is CDN.


    Content delivery network (CDN) is a group of servers present around the globe that open your web pages fast in front of visitors. It means that if someone from any part of the world opens your blog, then it opens fast.

    Internet is present globally, so anyone can browse your website from anywhere. In such a situation, if your website does not open fast, then the visitor may exit your website. It will increase your website’s bounce rate. So, you must have understood why CDN is important for our blog.

    Suppose; you have created one of your WordPress blog, whose hosting sever is located in Canada. Now, if your blog is in Hindi language, i.e., only more and more Indian people will open it. But due to your hosting server is in Canada, it will not open very fast in India.


    Because all the data on your website is present in a server in Canada. Now, if someone opens your website, then it will take time to transfer files from Canada servers to India. So, either you have to choose Indian server or you have to use a content delivery network (CDN).

    Let us understand it more clearly!

    Assume that your blog is hosted in Singapore, i.e., all the files of your website like text, images, CSS and videos are stored in the existing server in Singapore.

    Whenever a user accesses your website from any other part of the world away from Singapore, the data of your website is transferred from the server present in Singapore to another.

    This process takes a lot of time due to which the website speed is reduced. Yes, if a visitor from Singapore opens your website, then it will open faster.

    Nowadays Google is very strict about website’s loading speed. Then you have to reduce the loading time of your blog to less than 3 seconds. Otherwise you will not get good rankings on search engines.

    This is where the need for a good content delivery network is felt. For this, you can use a CDN, it will increase the data transfer speed of your site, so that your blog will be loaded in the shortest possible time.

    The reason for this is that CDN copies the cache of your website on every server in the world. If any visitor will open your site from anywhere, then the data transfer of the website will be done from the nearest server, so that the website will open faster in every part of the world.


    If you use CDN, then you do not have to pay much money to get a server while buying hosting. Because this work will also be done for you by a free content delivery network like CloudFlare. This will store the cached version of your blog in every part of the world.

    Now, you must have understood that what is CDN and what it works for you. A content delivery network makes your website more secure and fast loading.


    Having a good content delivery network (CDN) may have many advantages which cannot be underestimated in any way. They include:

    • It accelerates the loading speed of your website.
    • It minifies HTML, CSS and Javascript on your site so that the blog opens faster.
    • It provides you the facility to use Free SSL.
    • Through this you can analyze the percentage of unique visitors on your website.
    • It strengthens the security of your site. The attack Mode present in CloudFlare protects your website from hackers.


    Let us know about most popular content delivery networks (CDNs).

    • CloudFlare
    • KeyCDN
    • Google Cloud CDN
    • Stackpath
    • Cachefly

    These are some of the content delivery networks that are used the most. Overall, the last thing is that if you want to improve the overall performance of your website, then you must use a good CDN.


    After reading this article, you must have understood what is CDN and why is it important for a blog. In addition, you have also learned how a content delivery network works and what are its benefits. If you have any question, you can ask in the comment box below. Hope you liked this article. If you really liked this article, then do not forget to share it with others.

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