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Why you need to use a link wheel for SEO success


    If you’re wondering why you should use a link wheel in your content marketing strategy, or whether it’s the right move to make, we can help. Link wheels are an essential tool to help with search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, providing value to readers and helping you land on top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

    By using this technique when creating content, you can boost your visibility while also improving your credibility as an authority in your industry — and that’s no small feat!

    What is a link wheel?

    With Google’s latest algorithm updates, many webmasters are looking at link wheels as an effective way to bolster their search engine rankings.

    In its simplest terms, a link wheel is a network of websites that all contain links back and forth between each other. When potential customers navigate from one site in your network to another, each of these clicks is tracked by search engines.

    Using Internal Links in Your Link Wheel — Search engines give more weight to internal links than external links, so including these types of links within your link wheel can be an effective way to boost your search engine rankings. Make sure that you are linking between pages on your own website, rather than using them simply as anchors. Each page should add valuable content and information that’s relevant to other pages within your network.

    E-mail Submissions — Promoting your website and link wheel can also be done via e-mail. Contacting blogs, news sources, and other websites with similar content will likely result in additional traffic and links back to your site. Be sure that you follow appropriate etiquette when contacting these sites, including suggestions on how they can take advantage of your content.

    Don’t Spam — Finally, keep in mind that search engines are watching everything you do. Spam is common within link wheels, so make sure that you are taking steps to avoid being banned from Google or other search engines. For example, any e-mail correspondence should be personalized, and you should ensure that you aren’t overusing anchor text when submitting content.

    Take your time when building your link wheel, and be sure that you are taking steps to boost your search engine rankings. While it can take time to increase traffic and rankings, a well-constructed link wheel can provide you with a long-term solution for increasing sales and boosting profits.

    Why should I create a link wheel?

    The concept of link wheeling is simple — create many links pointing at one site and it will rank high in search results. The catch is that there are some very important points that you need to know if you want your link wheel campaign to be successful.

    Today we’re going to cover everything you need to know about creating and implementing a link wheel so you can get on with your campaign!

    Link wheeling can be difficult to implement and even more difficult to manage. If you want your link wheel campaign to succeed, follow these important tips:

    It’s important to remember that link wheeling is not an overnight process. For most companies, link wheeling will take at least 6 months if done correctly. So be patient and make sure you do it right! The end result will be well worth it!

    There are many reasons why you should use link wheeling as your marketing strategy. If you want more traffic, higher ranking and improved engagement on your site, then link wheeling can provide all of that. Why not give it a try?

    In today’s digital world, there is no excuse not to use link wheeling. It’s so easy to set up, and it will help your website in more ways than you could imagine. So what are you waiting for?

    How do I create one?

    A link wheel is one of many strategies you can use in your SEO strategy. There are many tools that can be used to create and manage your link wheel, including:

    SEnuke XCr is one of our favorite tools because it makes link building faster and easier, while also helping you create higher quality backlinks that Google considers more valuable. You can create your link wheel in just minutes by inputting your desired anchor text and URL, choosing categories you want to target, and selecting how many links you want to make with each step of your wheel.

    Kontent Machine is another one of our favorite tools, and it does everything SEnuke XCr does, but with a better user interface and more flexibility. This tool comes with its own backlink building strategies and boasts an impressive 99% success rate. It’s easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners who aren’t sure where to start or those that have gotten frustrated with their existing link wheel system.

    Link Wheel is an another great way to automate your link building process, even if you plan on hiring outside help. It’s simply a matter of inputting your desired anchor text and URL, choosing categories you want to target, and selecting how many links you want to make with each step of your wheel. Then sit back and let your wheel do all of the work!

    Creating your own link wheel is one of our favorite ways to automate your link building process, and there are plenty of tools available that make it easier than ever. The best part is that you don’t need any coding skills or technical knowledge — simply input your desired anchor text and URL into your favorite software, choose some categories from their extensive lists, and let them do all of the work for you!

    Where can I get the best resources?

    If you want to develop link wheels properly, you should start by doing research. The first place I would go is Google because it’s full of useful information about link wheeling.

    Try searching for your topic plus link wheel, and also include your local state or region (e.g., link wheel Washington DC). The results will show you news articles and discussions in forums where experts are talking about link wheels in depth. Make sure you bookmark any articles that seem particularly helpful!

    Next, you’ll want to head over to Reddit. This site is another treasure trove of great link wheeling information. Head over to r/SEO and look for people talking about link wheels in your state or region.

    On Twitter, you can find discussions about link wheels by searching for your local area and including link wheel. For example, if you’re based in Boston, you could search for #linkwheel Boston. If you don’t have an exact location in mind, try searching for link wheel (the word) rather than using a specific town or city name.

    On YouTube, you can find videos about link wheels by searching for local cities and towns plus link wheel. There are also plenty of helpful videos on other sites as well — just search Google or YouTube!

    Lastly, you can check out your local Chamber of Commerce and see if they have any resources about link wheeling. If there are no link wheelers in your area, try searching for your city plus link wheel. This will bring up information from other regions that may be helpful.

    What kind of ROI will I see from my money?

    Like any investment, there’s no guarantee on return — but link wheels have been proven time and again to help boost organic search engine rankings.

    As such, if you purchase your own link wheel, be sure to use Google’s Keyword Planner tool. This will give you ideas on what kind of ROI might be possible from your campaign; in addition, Keyword Planner will show which kinds of keywords people are using when they search for products or services that are similar to yours.

    Google Keyword Planner will also allow you to see how competitive keywords are. Competition is important, as it indicates how difficult it might be to rank on top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

    How much does it cost?: Keep in mind that most link wheel packages include landing page creation.

    The best way to learn how much it will cost is by researching link wheel packages from your competitors. This will give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay, as well as what features might be included in various plans.

    Some link wheel companies charge on a per-campaign basis, so your price may vary slightly depending on how many campaigns you’re running at once.

    If you’re concerned about getting scammed, be sure to do your research. Avoid any company that promises you guaranteed results or asks for money upfront.


    In conclusion, a link wheel is an excellent addition to your website and can help you get more traffic and better rankings. It may be difficult, but with hard work and dedication, your business can benefit from using a link wheel.

    So go ahead and start creating your own!

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