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6 Things to Keep in Mind While Building Backlinks

    Things to Keep in Mind Before Building Backlinks

    Some people think that blogging is not a big deal. Writing all the day for money – sounds perfect. But the truth is beyond that. In this article, we will reveal a number of things that every blogger should keep in mind.

    One of such a thing is building backlinks. Backlink building process has so many steps and sides, so it’s quite easy to do things wrong.


    Backlinks are important to SEO. But, is it easy to create backlinks?

    The answer is “NO”.

    If you don’t have proper information about making backlinks, then stop and consider a number of things!!

    In this section, we’re going to discuss things you must consider before building backlinks. But, before we start, let us brief about backlinks.

    When a website is linked to another website, it is called “Backlink”. Backlinks are of two types:

    • Do-follow backlinks; and
    • No-follow backlinks

    Do-follow backlink passes link-juice from a website to another. Whereas, no-follow backlinks do not pass any link-juice, but still they are important for SEO.

    1. Spammy or Low-Quality Websites:

    One quality backlink is better than hundreds of low-quality backlinks. If your website has backlinks from the websites with bad reputation, then it can harm your website’s SEO. So, it is important to get backlinks from authoritative websites.

    Try to avoid building backlinks on websites with:

    • Low website authority (low domain authority and page authority)
    • High spam scores
    • Websites with poor trust scores
    • Websites with low visible text content as compared to HTML

    2. Irrelevant Niche:

    Are you taking backlinks from the websites that are not relevant to your website’s niche? If yes then try to avoid doing this!!

    Always try to make backlinks on websites similar to your niche. For example, if your website is about health, then it is good to create backlinks on website related to health.

    On the other hand, if your website is related to health and you are creating backlinks on the sites related to travel blogs or SEO blogs, then it can destroy your website’s SEO.

    3. Avoid Building Backlinks in Bulk:

    Is it good to make backlinks in bulk quantity?

    The answer is “NO”.

    It’s because it seems unnatural and it is bad in the eye of Google.

    As you all know that Google is getting more smart and advanced day-by-day. Now, if you buy backlinks in bulk or creating too many backlinks for your website, it can be dangerous for your website and website’s SEO.

    To understand this more easily, suppose your website currently has 100 of backlinks. Now, if you create too many links for your website in the upcoming days, then it can be little “spammy”.

    So, try to be “Natural”.

    4. Wrong Anchor Text:

    Are you creating so many backlinks from quality and highly-authoritative websites, but your website’s authority is not improving?

    What could be the reason?

    The answer is you’re probably using wrong anchor texts!

    Wrong anchor texts may include “click here”, “read more”, “visit”, “go to”, “check this” and so on. They are not useful at all. Instead you can use keywords or brand names as an anchor text.

    Do not use the same anchor text as well. As we also have previously discussed in the article, we have to be natural. Sometimes it also causes backlink penalties or a drop in rankings. Also try to mix your anchor texts with related keywords.

    For instance, if your website is related to weight loss, then you can use different anchor texts like “weight loss”, “lose weight”, “weight loss remedies”, “weight loss tips”, etc.

    5. Using Only Do-Follow or Only No-Follow Links:

    Google does not read or consider no-follow backlinks. But, it does not mean that your website do not need no-follow backlinks.

    If you’re making only do-follow backlinks, it can negatively affect your website’s SEO. It is also true for no-follow backlinks as well.

    If your website is only having do-follow or no-follow backlinks, it sounds some unnatural and the chances are that Google may penalize your website.

    So, it is vital to create both do-follow and no-follow backlinks for your website in at least 70% and 30% ratio.

    6. Links Only to The Home Page:

    I have noticed many times that many bloggers create backlinks only for the website’s home page (root URL), which is not a good practice for SEO. Our purpose is to create the backlink profile that looks as natural as possible.

    Here, we also need to make backlinks for other pages of the website. For example, it will be good to create backlinks for different pages, blogs, web-categories, etc.

    Do not focus on the one page, spread the links on all important ones!


    In this article, you have learned things you should keep in your mind while building backlinks for your site. If you still have any question or suggestion, please leave in the comment section below.

    Hope this article will be helpful for you! If you really enjoyed this article, do not forget to share it with others.

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