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Make money with AdSense: 7 Proven ways to boost your earnings!


    Google AdSense is one of the most popular ad networks out there and it’s trusted by millions of bloggers, YouTubers, and webmasters from all over the world. If you have been using AdSense to monetize your website, it’s time to learn how to make money with AdSense! This article will help you increase your earnings with AdSense. The suggestions below come from my own experience working with different kinds of blogs and websites; some might not apply to you, but hopefully there are enough tips here that help you make more money with AdSense right away!

    1. Balance your content:

    It’s important to have a healthy mix of content on your site. If you focus too much on short, lightweight articles, your readers will become bored. However, if you write long-form content (1,000+ words), visitors may lose interest before they finish reading it.

    Try posting three or four short articles per week and one long-form piece every two weeks. Use Google Analytics to find out which types of posts perform best so that you can better cater your content in the future.

    This approach may help you avoid both of these problems. You’ll provide your readers with a mix of short and long-form content while still keeping things interesting and fresh.

    Just remember that if you post a lot of short articles, you should focus on producing fewer but longer pieces. And vice versa — if you’re posting lots of long-form content, try mixing it up by publishing shorter pieces every once in a while.

    The main reason why you should balance your content is because it will help you get more clicks on each of your posts. If a visitor comes across an interesting, well-written short post, they’ll likely click through to read more. They may also share that post with their followers if they found it insightful or thought-provoking.

    Long-form content can also help you earn more from AdSense. People may click through and read some of your long articles, but they’ll only click on a few short posts. However, if you publish one long-form post per week or two short ones, readers may get hooked on your writing style and keep coming back for more. They might even follow you on social media or subscribe to your newsletter so that they never miss a new post.

    Balancing your content might be a bit harder than it sounds, but there are also some great tools that can help you do it. Tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and many others will show you how your readers interact with each of your posts.

    This data is extremely valuable because it can help you better understand which types of content perform best and which don’t. Then you can adjust your posting schedule and experiment until you find what works best for you.

    2. Focus on quality over quantity:

    With a steady flow of unique and valuable content, you will be able to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. And being an authority is great for earning money from Google AdSense.

    The more time people spend on your site, reading your content, and clicking on ads, the more money you can make. So it’s imperative that you make sure that everything you post adds value to readers. Don’t focus on quantity over quality!

    Write content that’s genuinely valuable and beneficial to your audience. Focus on creating content that will help people solve their problems. And remember, it doesn’t need to be long or complicated! A simple tip or trick can help readers immensely.

    Create great titles for your posts. Use titles that will catch your readers’ attention and entice them to click on them. Be careful not to over-optimize though, or you might end up hurting your organic reach.

    Make sure your posts are valuable and useful. Remember, if you’re not adding value in some way, people aren’t going to read it — and they certainly won’t share it!

    Spend time looking at how others in your niche write and make sure you can add something different or unique. Focus on quality of content over quantity.

    Keep your posts short. Long-form content is often too much of a commitment for readers. Instead, make it easy for them to read and take action by keeping your posts short.

    For example, if you have a post that’s longer than 1,000 words, consider breaking it up into shorter articles instead. And try using subheadings so it’s easier to skim through what you’ve written.

    3. Measure your success:

    Before you dive into monetizing your site, it’s important to first assess your success. Tools like Google Analytics can help you do that, but even a simple Excel sheet is better than nothing at all. The only way you can know if your money-making efforts are working is by measuring traffic and income changes over time.

    Start by creating an Excel sheet or a Google Analytics account and tracking your traffic over time. Assess how income is changing, too — does more traffic mean more money in your pocket?

    Measuring traffic and income isn’t everything, though. What good is it if you don’t know why traffic went up or down in any given period? It may be more difficult, but try to identify what caused increases and decreases in traffic over time.

    Tracking your traffic and income over time will help you discover which money-making techniques are working for you and which aren’t. If one isn’t paying off, ditch it, but keep trying others until you find a good fit for your site.

    It can take time, but your hard work will pay off when you figure out how to make money from your site. Measurement is a huge part of that process — keep measuring, and keep trying new strategies until you’re satisfied with your income.

    Once you know how to make money online with AdSense, it’s time to put that knowledge into action. Don’t just track your traffic and income — act on that information!

    If one method isn’t working, try another one. As long as you have faith in your abilities and keep trying new things, success will follow.

    4. Promote your videos effectively:

    If you have already monetized your YouTube videos, then it is time for you to promote them effectively. You can follow these ways of promoting your YouTube channel, so that you can increase your revenue on a regular basis. These are some excellent ways through which you can get maximum views and can make money from those videos.

    You can easily advertise your videos on different social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and so on. You can also choose an ad network like Google Adsense or Chitika or BuySellAds, which would place your ads on various other websites. You can earn good revenue from those ads. This is one of those ways through which you can make money from YouTube video streaming site.

    You can also get your videos in front of more people by uploading them on other video sharing sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on. By uploading your videos on different video sharing sites, you will be able to reach maximum views.

    This is one of those effective ways through which you can make money from YouTube video streaming site. You should regularly upload videos on YouTube channel and get it promoted through various other online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others so that you could increase revenue stream.

    You can also promote your videos by getting them in front of relevant people. You can do it by joining social media sites and forums, where you can get in touch with people who share same interest as you.

    By joining those forums and social media sites, you can share your video link and increase views on it. As a result, you will be able to make money from YouTube video streaming site quite easily.

    You can also use these forums and social media sites to get feedback on your videos. Whenever you will share your video link in a forum or social media site, people will watch it and give their feedback about that video.

    Once you receive some positive comments and reviews about that video, you will become more confident about uploading new videos on YouTube channel. As a result, you can attract new viewers towards it. This is one of those effective ways through which you can make money from YouTube video streaming site.

    5. Optimize your landing pages:

    If you use Google’s AdSense, you’ll know that most of your page’s real estate is taken up by ads. This means it can be tricky for users to find ways to interact with your site.

    If your pages have a high bounce rate (i.e., low percentage of visitors who stick around), optimize them so they’re easier for visitors to get through and convert. This will help lower your landing page abandonment rate and improve your conversion rates.

    You can also encourage user interaction and conversion by optimizing your pages for traffic from mobile devices. Google recently announced that over half of its search engine users now access Google on their mobile devices, so make sure your page is easily accessible for smartphone users.

    Another common mistake many online businesses make is showing people a lot of products that aren’t relevant to them. This can drive up your bounce rate and reduce your chances of making a sale. The solution? Make sure you’re always displaying high-quality, targeted ads on your site.

    Finally, if you’re trying to make money from your site but it’s not producing a high income, then you need to figure out how your site compares to other websites in your niche.

    What kind of traffic do they get? How many pages are they getting per visit? How much time is spent on their sites compared to yours? These metrics will help you pinpoint where you can improve and increase your earnings.

    For example, if you find out that your site gets more traffic than others in your niche but has a lower conversion rate than similar sites, then you’ll know you need to improve your landing pages and make them more interactive.

    Likewise, if you find out that you have more pages per visit compared to other sites in your niche, then it means users are finding it easy to navigate through your site, so they stick around longer.

    If your bounce rate is higher than others in your niche, then you need to find out what’s keeping users from engaging with your site and resolving those issues.

    Once you know how people interact with your site compared to other websites in your niche, you can easily adjust elements of your page so that more visitors stay and convert.

    You can also use tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to get more insight into how your page is performing compared to other sites in your niche.

    These tools give you a high-level overview of how people are using your site so you can better optimize it for performance. Another option is Google Trends, which helps you track search trends so you can improve your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

    Just plug in keywords that relate to your business, and you’ll see comparisons between multiple sites in real time.

    6. Test multiple ads per page/unit:

    Instead of running one big ad on a single page, try several smaller units across your site. According to Google’s research, you may be able to increase your earnings by as much as 20 percent.

    If you have highly engaged visitors and lots of content pages (think community forums), it might even be worth testing different ad sizes on different pages! And remember that impressions aren’t everything – it’s conversions that make money.

    In addition, you might consider running multiple ads in each of your units. For example, you might try A/B testing different colors or even different types of ads in order to see which performs best.

    You can also experiment with ad placement. For example, if you notice that many of your ads are served in sidebars and not in content areas, try running an ad within an interesting piece of content instead.

    Experimenting like this will allow you to find what works best for your audience and your site’s design and layout. And remember, you can also test different bids – and even different ad sizes and types – for different campaigns within your AdSense account. Experimenting like this is a great way to figure out what works best for your site!

    Write a professional research report based off of Wikipedia’s Research Report template. In addition, you must use at least five sources from outside of Wikipedia. All in-text citations should be included as superscripted numbers.

    Also remember that high-quality research and good reporting can make all of these strategies even more effective. In your report, you should include not only what you’ve learned about how best to monetize your site using AdSense, but also why it works.

    This will allow others reading your report to learn from your experience and apply it on their own sites! Good luck!

    7. Use video ads on YouTube:

    This isn’t an option you have as a publisher using AdSense, but it’s worth noting that YouTube monetizes certain types of videos — particularly those involving music and other copyrighted works — by displaying ads before, during or after video playback.

    If you produce video content (or have other people do so) related to your niche, Google will serve relevant ads against it. Just know that only YouTube-hosted videos qualify for ad revenue.

    Use display ads on Facebook and Twitter: The bulk of your monetization potential on these social networks will come from display ad sales. Ads placed on Facebook and Twitter can be either image-based or video-based, and include text as well as video.

    Use text ads on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!: If you have a website or offer other types of content that people will be looking for via search engines, it’s possible that you can generate ad revenue by displaying relevant ads from your Google account.

    Use display ads on blogs and websites that specialize in your niche: If you’re a blogger or have an established website related to your industry, it’s possible that interested advertisers will approach you. Be careful about whom you choose, though — it’s possible for third-party advertisers to place malicious code on your site that compromises user privacy.

    Use display ads on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn: As mentioned previously, these networks can be an easy way to monetize content. The restrictions are similar to those of image ads on other sites — you’ll need relevant images and copy that include links you want users to click. There’s no guarantee they will, but there are plenty of chances for clicks on such a large network.


    Business success doesn’t come easy. It takes hard work, dedication and a strategy for long-term gains. But if you follow these tips, you’ll go a long way toward reaching your goals of making money and creating your ideal work life. So don’t wait! Get started today!

    Think about all of your goals for your business. How do you want to grow it? Where would you like it to be in 6 months or a year? 2 years? Now is when you start strategizing how best to reach those milestones and keep moving forward, so that you can build a better future.

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