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What is Skyscraper Technique in SEO and how to do it right?

    What is Skyscraper Technique in SEO and how to do it right?

    What is Skyscraper Technique in SEO? This article will help you to know about skyscraper technique in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

    There are many techniques are there for Search engine optimization but which one works better? Which technique is best?

    Here we provide information about the skyscraper technique and use of this technique in search engine optimization with detail explanation and examples.

    If you want to know how to do search engine optimization in simple and easy way then this article will help you for sure.

    What is Skyscraper Technique?

    The Skyscraper Technique was first developed by Brian Dean. It’s a way of creating content that attracts your target audience and outranks the competition for long-tail keywords.

    When you’re using the skyscraper technique, you’ll create an extremely high quality post on a topic that’s similar to your target keyword.

    Next, you’ll promote your blog post on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, which will bring traffic to it.

    Finally, once people are visiting your blog post, they’ll notice other posts you have written related to the same keyword.

    You can then leverage these additional resources to attract more readers who might be interested in your content.

    As long as your blog post has been optimized with targeted keywords and a compelling introduction, this strategy can help you rank higher in Google search results than pages that don’t offer anything better than what is already available on the web.

    Why is the Skyscraper Technique effective?

    The skyscraper technique is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique that involves creating a large number of similar articles, pages or videos that are focused on the same topic, keyword or service.

    This can be done by getting other people to create the content for you, but it’s best to make sure that these articles are high quality and offer original content.

    Google will rank them higher than if they were just duplicates of one another. What sets this tactic apart from others is that you need to target long-tail keywords with specific information.

    Rather than targeting broader phrases like “cheap shoes”, focus on more specific phrases such as “women’s shoes under $50”.

    Be sure that each page provides a valuable piece of content and has an attractive design. In addition to having separate pages for each product, consider adding photos, video clips or charts/graphs where appropriate.

    How do I use Skyscraper Technique?

    Skyscraper technique is a search engine optimization technique where you create high-quality, authoritative content to attract links.

    The idea of the technique comes from the observation that successful search engine optimization often involves making smaller improvements on what already has high ranking results on a SERP.

    It also helps generate traffic for your website by generating interest and getting more links. In other words, it’s about creating high-quality content on popular topics to boost your site’s rankings.

    You can use tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to find out which keywords are ranking well for competitor sites. Once you know those keywords, you can use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner to find out which phrases and questions are most frequently searched online.

    For example, if I wanted to rank my blog post Skyscraper Technique higher in Google searches, I might want to include how do you do skyscraper technique or what is the skyscraper technique?

    These are the kind of phrases people will be typing into Google. And they all relate to my post! So, I’ll write them down so I don’t forget.

    Then when I write my next blog post on skyscraper technique, I’ll make sure to add these phrases into the text.

    If I was writing an FAQ page about skyscraper technique, I would make sure to answer the question How do you do skyscraper technique? with Skyscrapers are created by finding articles that have high authority and popularity, rewriting those articles into better versions with added value (more data, new information), then promoting them.

    You’re able to do this because the web loves freshness – users and search engines love updates.

    Skyscraper content should be 100% unique and never seen before on the internet; otherwise, you won’t get any backlinks because no one else will link to duplicate content.


    The Skyscraper Technique can be a powerful tool in boosting your rankings on search engine results pages, but only if it’s done properly. Make sure you follow these steps and optimize your site accordingly to rank higher.

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